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Giuseppe Paolini

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Giuseppe Paolini: The Pygmalion PIZZA

And ‘the word’s smallest web: Pizza.
It’s easy to say: “Pizza”. But the “P” izza is quite another thing, we understand only after a long talk with him: Giuseppe Paolini.

Giuseppe Paolini, for us the small audience, for us consumers atavistic pizza at any time, size and taste: as long as it “pizza”, is a name that says very little, but for the Public gastronomy is a “guarantee”.
And now, because Giuseppe Paolini, not only is world champion of acrobatic pizza and Pizza classic – most coveted title of who’s Pizza has done his job, and his purpose in life-but its “P” has also got izza EU certification.

When we meet him in his club in Augusta, the ‘Red Lion’s “intent to form the dough balls of his pizza. Since its dexterity and what will tell us later, we understand what is really the “Pizza”.

We are all capable of putting on flour, yeast, warm water, mix and wait. But the pizza at the Red Lion’s is quite another thing. Thin, light, digestible, either willingly ccompagna beer and leaves the heaviness that often accuses the end of a dinner at a pizzeria.

And Giuseppe Paolini is there, ready to explain why he, like all lovers of haute cuisine, which hold up to its name and its products, key is the use of raw materials of high quality.

That this man was a pioneer of gastronomy and a man eclectic, you can tell from the name he gave to his local “Red Lion’s”, which has nothing to do with the classic names for pizza, and some revelations There will was: the first to have introduced the meat as an ingredient, as well as the fresh mushrooms in place of canned ones.
Pizza in cono Giuseppe Paolini
Where does his devotion to the pizza come from?
“My whole family “was” pizza from my grandfather and then my father.
I attended the hotel school and down in 1989, went out for work, I saw that the pizza world was changing: new flours, new blends and especially began to open schools of Italian pizza and schools for pizza makers.”

Is there the secret of pizza?
“Unfortunately, the reality is that the secret of pizza does not exist! At 32, I went to see the school for pizza and I decided to enroll. As I said, there I realized that many things had changed and that above all, not having the presumption to be the best in the world even if Augusta was already considered very good, I started bringing in my room all that I learned in school: changing method of mixing water, flour, cooking.
Because the love I have for this job is gutted, then I decided to enroll in these schools as an instructor. At that time they were born the first pizzerias associations, not to be confused with syndicalist associations, until then, was born API – Association of Italian Pizzerias – hence the first schools for the pizza, the first of which was in Caorle, Venice. After that we opened schools in the rest of Italy and then throughout the world.
Where there is not a “school” we rely on pizza for lessons. The API takes contacts with the country concerned, we rent a pizzeria where the group of students meets the morning. There they take all the ingredients, strictly Italian: the cheese sauce, where no one can find mozzarella, both for reasons of maturity, and because its air transport would increase its price skyrocketing, we try to create in a dairy farm place a cheese that resembles as much as possible to mozzarella. During these courses, in our schools, teaches you not only how to make pizza, but also the places where you have to find the best products, the pizza is not only the dough but its ingredients. The school must be a complete course, which will teach the importance of the best ingredients and where to find them, starting from olive oil coming to the pH of the water. In ’99 after 10 years of school I started to travel around the world: Spain, Greece and then contracts intercontinental. It ‘was how I created the API worldwide. At that time, having to be five years out, I had to leave the API and it was so that I created with my brand schools: School of Pizza Italian Pippo Paolini.
Also in ’99 I started to tighten relations with South America, there I learned how to manage chains of pizza, and so I opened pizzerias in Brazil, New York, Washington, Philadelphia and Baltimore, serving as shuttle for 8-9 years from ‘ Italy. At that time a boy in my school Spanish for the first time won the World Championship of Pizza and this helped me to be sought from that group of 8-10 pizza makers who have to prepare for the world championships in order to teach both the course of which the classic pizza acrobatics.
Brazil for 15 years is my second home.
Since 2001 no longer take part in the world championships if not as an instructor, participate but my students: in all categories were ranked students of my school, as well as my son and the guys who work beside him at the club.
I have received compliments and I was received by several heads of state to the opening of my schools in their nations, I had awards in Brazil as well as in the US because there when I opened my first school boys won the championships in the same year acrobatic world.”

And ‘by his frequent visits to the United States who was born and the name of his restaurant: “Red Lion’s”?
“The Red Lion’s name arises because the first time I went to the United States I liked the logo. As I changed many things on the pizza: the first to use the meat as a condiment, fresh truffles, fresh mushrooms and not canned, I wanted a name that had nothing to do with the pizza.”

Where are today your schools?

“The schools are located in Japan, China, New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Spain, Greece and of course throughout Italy.
In schools it is taught all about the Pizza: classic, in pan, shovel in, acrobatics. In my school has also worked my brother Angelo, he was the first in the family to win the World Cup of the classic pizza.”

What is your duty as an instructor?
“I pass all my pizza to arrive at these levels takes mixers, ovens and flour and ingredients of a certain level. The pizza is also and above: storage of products. In Rome he was made a congress of all registered API: 500 people voted. Well over 500 voters have received 500 votes for the office of President. Unfortunately I had to delegate this task, since such a task would have involved my transfer to Rome. My current charge is then to Vice President and General Secretary of the Association.”

How did your passion for acrobatic pizza come?
“My teacher had the habit of tossing the pizza, I threw the pizza to emulate him in the air and did a strange game to resume arms which then led me to the pizza, of course, acrobatics. Adsso there are the factories that produconop pizzas rubber suited to training for the acrobatic pizza, since the dough for pizza acrobatic is not edible. Yet there are good pizza chefs who know how to play with the edible, but it’s very difficult, because the dough is softer. My workhorse was “The carousel” a number invented by me: it is a pizza full of holes to be run on a finger and when it slows down, these holes appear to the dome of a carrousel in motion. UCON the number of carousel won the last world championship acrobatic pizza.”

Why is it rare to see a girl among the staff of your restaurant?
“Girls have worked in my room, not a sexist question the choice of avoiding the girls, but in our work we have to deal with many people and often is not easy; when you stop working at night, usually download this tension telling jokes maybe a little ‘dirty and there are jokes that can not be told in front of the girls, or at least, I do not dare tell you.”

What was the biggest thrill?
“The biggest thrill of my life was in 2004, when we organized the jubilee of the pizza maker, took over 20 thousand square pizza makers from around the mondoin: for the three days we had free pizza for all tourists in Rome and with a Pullman messoci available by the City took the pizzas in all hospitals of the city, called the “Bus of desire” in those days I was in the presence of the Pope showing the pizza I had dedicated to him. I have never felt such emotion even when I won the world championship pizzwa classic. Also in 2004 the European Union declared that Paolini Pizza is a pizza quality certified.”

The question we are all asking is: after Pippo Paolini? Who will carry on the tradition?
“The tradition will go on with my children: one heads the room and the other does the pizzas, and begins his achievements: he won the championship Sicilian, Italian and European. A great help is also Dino Palagiano who has been working with me.”

Among his records remember the pizza world’s longest: What does the Master now aims?
“Yes, I made the Lientz, Austria, the world’s longest pizza 149 mt. Since 2001 no longer participate in tenders if not as an instructor, I would like to end my career beyond my own world record of the longest pizza with a pizza of 500 mt. I would not realize this project abroad, the only thing of which I am ashamed, in fact, is being told by my colleagues: do not do events in your city. So I would like to achieve this new record or here at Augusta or Syracuse.”