You must be wondering: “Why to join”?

Joining in the first place is the easiest way to become part of this world.


  • For you that you look at the world of work …

After attending our courses, you will certainly more job opportunities.

Why will you have more chances? Because we will provide you the foundation from which to take flight, technical bases that you will form and you come into a family that will continue to advise you in your career, to become a great professional.

  • For professionals …

Because there will be continuous training courses to be always prepared professionally.

To be up to date and included in events we will organize.

At the end of each course you will receive a certificate that qualifies your education that you can place on your curriculum vitae.


You must know that you must apply for a visa to work abroad.


  • To apply for a visa you must have a bachelor’s Pizzaiolo and a certificate of membership in an association, things that you will receive by following our courses.


  • You will also be added to a list of pizza makers that will be proposed to the various pizzerias that require staff also will be added to an online list of pizza makers internationally.
    The association does not want to contact only those who want to approach the work or who want to improve, the association will also appeal to all pizza makers who want to join our staff and also for those who want to participate in national and international competitions.


  • All our members will benefit from a financial to och to purchase equipment from work, but also for home and business, rent short or long term for private use or machine work and for commercial vehicles.


Phone free consultations

The advice of a lawyer available for a few days a month.
The advice of an accountant available for a few days a month.


…and much more.

Our association also collaborates with all national and international associations.

To join please fill out the following form with the requested data and we will contact you via email or telephone.

By registering you will receive the clothing clothing and educational materials association, and you will enter in our family.

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1 suit

1 bag

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